Lighthouse General Insurance Company Limited, Branch Baar

Lighthouse General Insurance Company Limited Gibraltar, Branch Baar ('Lighthouse', 'the Company') is the insurance company of GE Capital Corporation, and a branch of Lighthouse General Insurance Company Limited in Gibraltar ('Lighthouse Gibraltar').

Lighthouse was licensed by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority ('FINMA') on 26th November 2010.
The branch in Switzerland has a registered address in Zurich:
Schochenmühlerstrasse 2 | P.O. Box 159 | 6341 Baar | Switzerland
Payment Protection Insurance relating to the following:

- Consumer Loan
- Leasing
- Revolving Credit

Cembra Money Bank

Bändliweg 20, 8048, Zurich.

AXA Partners - Credit & Lifestyle Protection

Lifestyle Protection
Bändliweg 20
CH 8064 Zurich